Mountain Lights and Fire Goddess Performance

2023.09.15 /

Immerse yourself in the world of "Mountain Light and Fire Goddess Performance" that will take place on stage in the spectacular light art installation "Mountain Lights".
Come and enjoy the unique and miraculous synchronized session of the sound of Mukkuri, a traditional instrument of the Ainu people, echoing through the Hanazono forest, the collaboration of fire dances and fireworks performed to the music, and the dance of the Ainu sword covered with flames.

Date: September 16 and 23, 2023
Time: 18:20-18:40 (Fireworks start at 18:30)
Place: Mountain Lights venue, Niseko Hanazono Resort
Price: Admission free *Mountain Lights admission tickets are required to view the performance up close.

Mukkuri Performance
Performing on a traditional Ainu people's instrument, the bamboo mouth harp. The sound of Mukkuri echoes gently in the stillness of the night, and we have a feeling that something is going to happen the night…

Fire Takusalimuse (Ainu dance)
Fire Dance version of the purification dance for the safety and success of the performance.

Collaboration of Fire Dance and Fireworks
A performance of flames set to music and fireworks. The Ainu women's group dance is also a must-see.

Fire Emshirimuse (Ainu dance)
This is a traditional Ainu people's dance performed with swords. The dancers use swords, which are believed to possess spiritual power, to stamp their feet toward invisible enemies and swing their swords forcefully to dispel evil spirits. Come and enjoy this powerful fire version.