Mountain Lights 鑑賞ガイド

Mountain Lightsへようこそ。鑑賞の手引きになる園路マップや、製作者ブルース・マンローが語る作品や彼の創作の背景を明かしたトークセッションの動画などをご用意しました。


Mountain Lights Visitors’s Guide

Welcome to Mountain Lights. We have prepared a map of the parkway to guide you in your visit, and a video of a talk session in which the creator, Bruce Munroe, talks about his work and reveals the background of his creation.

We hope you enjoy your time at Mountain Lights.

園路マップ / Parkway Map

広大なMountain Lightsをガイドする園路マップです。大きな画像なので、スマートフォンで拡大しながらご覧ください。

This is a park map to guide you through the expansive Mountain Lights. Please use your smart phone to zoom in while viewing this large image.

動画 / Video


A talk session with visiting artist Bruce Munroe in July 2022.